Thursday, August 9, 2007

100 things

  1. I am loud, hence the nickname meg(aphone).

  2. I am constantly looking at my reflection.

  3. I have one dog that is mine, Homer. He is a bloodhound.

  4. I procrastinate.

  5. I love cupcakes, but don’t like regular cake.

  6. I don’t really like chocolate (except frozen M&M’s), but I eat it every so often.

  7. I love to do math. Algebra is my favorite, calculus is a close second.

  8. Even with my love of math I can not seem to balance a checkbook.

  9. That is why I don’t have checks on my checking account. I do now, but I am not reordering after they run out.

  10. My dad’s dog Donner adopted me. Her tail is vicious.

  11. I live on 90 acres.

  12. I want to be a politician.

  13. I am not good at managing money, but I am very adept at spending it.

  14. I love my car (2002 Subaru), but it is always dirty.

  15. I live 2 miles down a dirt road.

  16. The DEA busted a pot farm on my property this year (2007). The growers were living 30 yards from my front door and I never saw them once.

  17. I hate the sound of cotton balls being stretched. Don’t even mention it around me because I almost puke.

  18. I love to fly. It puts me right to sleep. I often fall asleep on the runway taxiing.

  19. I own 3 rifles. Two I won in raffles at hunting conventions with my Step-dad Billy.

  20. My favorite is called a blonde rifle. It’s pretty and rare. My Step-dad won this during an auction while I was at the bar getting drinks.

  21. I love Gin.

  22. I don’t like Whisky of any kind.

  23. I love Beer. The higher the alcohol content the better. Belgium’s are my fav.

  24. I am not an alcoholic. Although the last three “about me’s” make me sound like one.

  25. I love Sierra Nevada swimming holes!!

  26. The first car I drove was a 1987 Ford Bronco that was black. I loved it.

  27. The first car I owned was a 1961 Mercedes 190. I bought it (at 15 years old) with my pig money. My Mom blew up the engine before I got to drive it.

  28. I still have the car, but it doesn’t run.

  29. I raised pigs for 4-H and got grand champion once and reserve grand twice.

  30. I was in beauty pageants when I was little.

  31. My mom didn’t force me into them; I really wanted to do it.

  32. She wanted to pull me out when she saw how the parents treated their kids.

  33. I got runner up 3 times. I then quit because the parents scared me too.

  34. I love weather. I would love to live somewhere that the weather changed daily hourly even.

  35. I’m not afraid of people, but I am afraid of my imagination.

  36. I don’t keep in touch with people well and this bothers me about myself.

  37. I had a very “Day’s of Our Lives” upbringing.

  38. I grew up to be very well rounded because of it.

  39. I love to hear gossip, but I think it is really mean to gossip.

  40. I love to get dressed up!! I clean up very well.

  41. I can be quiet when I want to, but I don’t often want to.

  42. I love to talk about myself.

  43. I am vain, but don’t think that is necessarily a bad thing.

  44. I would defend any of my friends to the death.

  45. I like to argue.

  46. I think my Mom is absolutely amazing!!

  47. I am a terrible dancer. At least I think so.

  48. I am a good rock climber.

  49. I am VERY clumsy, but for some reason don’t fall much when I am climbing around on rocks.

  50. I have had the same set of dinner plates since I moved into my own apartment at 20 years old.

  51. I can’t keep a wine glass or a beer mug for more than a month or two because they seem to break.

  52. I have 3 men in my life that I consider my father.

  53. I pull pieces of my hair out when I am bored.

  54. I love makeup, but don't wear much.
  55. I hate ladybugs. They move into my house in flocks in the fall.

  56. I want to move someplace colder so I can knit warmer items and wear them for more than one month in the winter.

  57. I am a Pisces to the tee.

  58. I have a crush on my best guy friend, but would never act on it. (He’ll never read this so I can say it here)

  59. I like to be around men more than women.

  60. I wish I had long hair, but don’t want to spend the time growing my hair out.

  61. I love to do any sort of sport that entails me being pulled behind a boat.

  62. When I was little I wanted to be a Marine Biologist.

  63. I still know so much about oceans and the things that live in them because of how interested in them I was as a kid.

  64. I used to read obsessively.

  65. My parents would ground me from reading when I was young.

  66. I am scared of my Mom. She is very scary when angry.

  67. I make her angry a lot.

  68. I think the skinny models are gross, but

  69. I would love to weigh just under 100 pounds. It will NEVER happen.

  70. I love food!!

  71. I really don’t understand racism. I just simply don’t .get. it. Same with Homophobia.

  72. I was raised Catholic and went through all the “tests” (i.e. confirmation)

  73. I don’t go to church and don’t think I ever will. I might be struck down by lightning if I ever tried to enter the door of one.

  74. I am deeply interested in other people’s spirituality.

  75. I want to travel to the holy land.

  76. I have always wanted to crash my car on purpose, but don’t think it is a very good idea.

  77. My favorite camping spot is called USAL. It is pretty hard to find.

  78. When I drink I become very social and often times “run for mayor.”

  79. I have a 12 year old daughter that I put up for adoption when I was 17.

  80. I don’t mind telling anyone this, but my family thinks it is inappropriate to tell people.

  81. I don’t care what they think…most of the time.

  82. I worry very little about what people think of me. I probably should more.

  83. I am VERY opinionated, but don’t condemn others for their opinions.

  84. I love clothes.

  85. I love tennies. Not workout shoes, but tennies like van’s and converse.

  86. I say amblEance instead of ambulance.

  87. I love to be alone, and can’t imagine ever living with a boyfriend/husband.

  88. I am an intimaphobe. (scared of intimacy)

  89. I think I coined that phrase.

  90. When my last boyfriend said “I love you,” I said “Thanks.”

  91. I still think that was the meanest thing ever, but laugh about it on the inside.

  92. I love to sing.

  93. I have a terrible voice, but don’t care.

  94. I want to take voice lessons, but I am afraid that the teacher would look at me and say, “I can’t help you with that Miss.”

  95. I can go from a biker bar to a country club and be completely at ease.

  96. I think that is one of my best attributes.

  97. I hate when people answer the phone in a bad mood. Don’t answer the damned thing if you don’t want to be nice.

  98. I love the Simpson’s.

  99. I love funny people.

  100. I’m ditsy sometimes, but it is just because I am thinking of something else.